Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator


Solar Generators store and provide power for any type of off-grid scenario or when you want to harness the sun’s power in useful ways. Not just for camping, solar generators can be used in power out emergencies from natural disasters, on a boat, a remote secondary structure like a barn, power tools on a construction job site or just to lower you electric bill at home.

Goal Zero Yeti

The Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generators, as the name implies, can charge from the use of separate solar panels. They also can charge from a 12 volt car port or a house receptacle. Kits are also available with included solar panels.

The generators include 12 volt DC, usb and 120 volt AC receptacles. They can be used to power car accessories, usb devices, power tools, lights, cpap machine and larger generators can power a small appliance.

Solar Generator vs. Gas Generator

Solar generators provide quiet, emission free and smell free operation. Gas generators can be heavy and take up a lot of space when packing for an outdoor excursion. They also are noisy and create harmful emissions when you are actually trying to enjoy the great outdoors. Gas generators also require you bring extra gas in a separate container to keep it running adding to the space it requires and the potential mess and fumes created while travelling with the gas generator. Gas generators can be hard to start. You can just plug into the solar generator and press a button to turn on power and the display provide information for power usage and how much of a charge is left.

Power Outages

Even if you don’t plan to go camping the solar generator can be used during emergency power outages to keep the fridge running so you can keep you food from spoiling. Keep your electronics charged also to keep the family entertained when its not safe to go outside and avoid the cabin fever. Your cellphone can be kept charged to make an emergency call if power goes out but the cell towers are still operating.

Remote operation

Setup a remote shed on your property with some solar panels and generator so you electric power without running long power lines underground. Use the generator at an outside party without being attached to a building for power opening up more locations. Power a remote job-site that is using electric power tools and construction lights.